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We are interested in the growing, propagation and conservation of alpine, rock garden and woodland plants, small hardy herbaceous plants, hardy and half-hardy bulbs, hardy ferns and small shrubs. Anyone can grow these diminutive beauties and with the trend towards smaller plots they are ideal for the modern garden - they can even be grown in a window box.

Seasonal Focus

Trillium choloropetalum 'Bob Gordon'

Upcoming events

It's time for our own Show now. Next Saturday, the 26th April, is the Dublin Group Main Show, in Cabinteely Community School. All the details are on the Main Show page, here.

There are a couple of posters you can use to publicise the Show - here's one mostly in text for easy printing and here's a more graphic one for emailing around.

Our next lecture is on Thursday, 15th May, at 8.00 pm. Cliff Booker will be talking on ‘Cream of alpines’ in the National Botanic Gardens, Glasnevin.

We heard recently that our entry for the Postcard Garden at Bloom has been accepted. So we are now well into the planning. If anyone is interested in helping out, please get in touch.

The full Programme for 2014 is here.


Our members did well at the Ulster AGS Show but none better than Billy Moore - see this month's photo to the left. There are photos from the Greenmount Show here.

We've recently acquired some new books - in particular, Chris Grey-Wilson's long awaited Pulsatilla monograph. Take a look at our Library page for details.

Diane Clement's talk on 'A year in the life of an alpine gardener' was wonderful and overwhelming - we were all asking where she finds enough hours in the day. Diane runs the AGS seed exchange and brought along a great selection for members. I'm proud to say that mine are already sown - but seeing how much effort went into the exchange, I would have felt guilty doing anything less.

The Local Show on March 8th had a large display of plants, with several new exhibitors. Maybe the Workshop in February helped, but if you missed that I'll be putting the guidance notes on the website soon. We were surprised how few photographs there were, given the number of digital cameras around these days, so are planning a workshop on preparing photos for exhibition.

Our AGS Ireland Facebook page continues to get visitors from all parts of the world - recently from Belgorod in Russia. Notification about our upcoming meetings is posted there, and also other information on a variety of topics and events of interest to members. So if you haven't already, do take a look at the page - use the link at the bottom of the menu on the left. If you want to set up a Facebook account, you can download instructions for doing that here. Most of us have worries about security when posting information on the internet, so you might find this security handout useful.

The 2014 Programme for the Cork Branch is available here.

Bob Gordon gave me some Trillium chloropetalum seedlings 6 or 7 years ago, which I planted in the garden. In 2013 some of them had formed a fine clump with a good yellow colour. With a view to showing it this year I lifted and potted the plant when it became dormant last August, burying the pot for the winter and lifting it again in February to avoid slug and wind damage. It received a Farrer Medal at the Ulster Group Show this year, and an Award of Merit by the Joint Rock Committee. I proposed the cultivar name ‘Bob Gordon’ as a small tribute to a first-rate and very generous plantsman. T. chloropetalum is a Californian native and the more usual form has liver-brown flowers. Yellow flowers are quite unusual but yellowish green forms have been found in the Santa Cruz Mountains south of San Francisco. Billy Moore.

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